The Celestial Brilliance of URWERK UR-100V Stardust Revealed

Under the dazzling spotlight, one can behold the shimmering beauty of the UR-100V Stardust. When cradled and delicately turned to its most captivating angle, it reveals its intricate essence. To the discerning observer, it promises more than just the measure of time; it’s a mesmerizing visual journey that only genuine craftsmanship can offer.

Galactic Narratives Encased

For those who appreciate the intricacies of design, the UR-100V isn’t merely a timepiece; it’s an eloquent storyteller of the cosmos, recounting tales of vast galaxies, inherent beauty, electrifying spectacles, and lucid reflections.

Every element in our universe is imbued with stardust. From the simplicity of carbon to the elegance of diamonds and from elemental iron to sophisticated steel alloys, these cosmic particles pervade everything. It’s awe-inspiring to realize that even humans are composed of this very celestial essence.

An Ethereal Diamond Symphony

Encrusted with 400 meticulously chosen diamonds (VVS1, Color D), amassing close to 1.90 carats, the watch is a testament to opulence and precision. The snow-setting technique, employed masterfully, paints a picture of a galaxy brimming with stars.

The diamonds varied across eight distinct designs, ornately encased the watch’s body. Only the peripheries remain untouched, rendering a contrast. The tactile allure of this bejewelled watch is unexpectedly fluid and velvety.

Considering steel’s inherent resilience—being more rigid and less yielding than gold—setting these diamonds demanded unparalleled artisanal finesse. Further enriching its visage, the UR-100V Stardust boasts 36 diamonds on the minute scale and an additional 24 enhancing its crown.

The steel clasp is delicately lined with 22 diamonds, distributed evenly in two rows.

An Ode to the Vastness of Space

Beyond its aesthetic allure, there’s a deeper cosmic connection to the UR-100V Stardust. Distinct from its series, it integrates two cavities on its satellite holder’s sides. The first represents the distance Earth travels on its axis within 20 minutes, translating to 555 km. The latter depicts Earth’s journey around the Sun in the same timeframe—35,740 km. Thus, for any onlooker, the UR-100V Stardust becomes a tangible testament to Earth’s perpetual dance across the universe, navigating past countless stars and echoing their brilliance.

The URWERK UR-100V Stardust retails for SGD 139,000 with tax.