Kross Studio’s Meteorite-Dial KS 05 Collection Revolutionizes Luxury Timekeeping

Swiss watchmaker, Kross Studio, has unveiled its latest KS 05 model, a distinctive addition to the brand’s foundational collection. Crafted from titanium, this singular timepiece boasts a Gibeon meteorite dial that has been billions of years in the making. This dial highlights the unique patterns of its intrinsic iron ores, which are beautifully complemented by a 45mm brushed titanium case. This exclusive KS 05 Titanium Black Meteorite Model is only available at Chronopassion Paris.

The KS 05’s introduction adds lustre to the esteemed KS 05 Timepiece Collection. Notably, a KS 05 model, known for its pioneering central floating tourbillon movement conceptualized by Marco Tedeschi, has been shortlisted for the prestigious Louis Vuitton Watch Prize.

The KS 05 series embodies Kross Studio’s dedication to engineering brilliance, as seen in its uniquely designed movement. Its core is the calibre KS 7’005, a manually wound central floating tourbillon, which is a pioneering accomplishment that Kross Studio takes immense pride in. This intricate movement, consisting of 220 components and 27 jewels, operates at 21,600 bph and offers a significant power reserve of 120 hours, epitomizing precision and durability. Its design provides a mesmerizing view of its sophisticated mechanics.

The case, devoid of any lugs or sharp edges, is characterized by its smooth, ergonomic design, made from durable Grade 5 titanium. Kross Studio employs an innovative D-ring crown incorporated into the case back, ensuring the watch maintains a clean silhouette. A unique interchangeable strap mechanism and an expansive crystal dome ensure the watch’s core – its movement – remains the focal point.

The Chronopassion exclusive KS 05 showcases a Gibeon meteorite dial, emphasizing its one-of-a-kind iron patterns. The series incorporates multiple dials, including those made from aventurine glass and natural stones, ensuring each timepiece’s distinctiveness.

The new KS 05 Titanium Black Meteorite is limited to just a single piece, available only at Chronopassion Paris. Kross Studio’s broader KS 05 collection offers a range of variants in dials, case materials, and diamond adornment, each restricted to 10 numbered pieces, rendering each timepiece a limited-edition masterwork.

These KS 05 models are now available for purchase at, through official partners, and at select authorized retailers.