Hublot Unveils the MP-15, a Limited Edition Marvel with Central Flying Tourbillon

Hublot has unveiled its latest masterpiece, the MP-15, a remarkable limited edition watch featuring the brand’s first central flying tourbillon. Restricted to just 50 pieces, this innovative and high-tech model showcases an exceptional use of sapphire to create stunning visual effects.

The MP-15 Takashi Murakami defies traditional watchmaking conventions by eliminating the standard dial. Instead, Hublot integrates the case, movement, and dial into a singular, innovative arrangement. At its heart lies the central flying tourbillon, encircled by artist Takashi Murakami’s iconic sapphire flower motif, representing a leap in design and engineering for the brand’s 40-year history.

The watch aims for absolute transparency to enhance its luminosity, featuring a sapphire case, case-back, crown, and even a translucent strap. This design choice allows light to penetrate and illuminate the timepiece in a unique way.

Technically, the MP-15 boasts an impressive 150-hour power reserve, a significant achievement for such a complex complication. Hublot introduces a specialized, USB-rechargeable stylus for winding, ensuring both barrels driving the central tourbillon are fully powered. Murakami adds a playful touch to the tourbillon, integrating eyes and a smile into its design.

Unveiling the watch, it is surrounded by Takashi Murakami’s iconic motif, a flower composed of 12 petals made entirely of sapphire.

Hublot CEO and Takashi Murakami

The watch’s design also features peripheral hour and minute hands, a daring move that challenges traditional watchmaking principles by placing them beneath the tourbillon cage. The absence of an upper bridge and the skeletonization of components allows a clear view of the intricate workings of the MP-15.

Despite its innovation, the MP-15 remains practical and easy to read, with white indices and black-plated, luminous hands. Its 42 mm diameter and integrated rubber strap ensure comfort and wearability, combining groundbreaking design with everyday functionality.