The MB&F Horological Machine Nº11 Architect – A Fusion of Time and Architecture

The renowned Swiss architect Le Corbusier once described a house as a “machine to live in.” Similarly, MB&F’s Machines are more than just wearable objects; they are experiences that transport us to various places, times, and even worlds. An MB&F Machine is not just worn; it is inhabited.

This concept may seem challenging to understand initially, as a watch is not typically compared to a house. However, MB&F’s latest creation, the Horological Machine Nº11 Architect, merges these two distinct entities. The design combines the stark grays of steel rebar and fresh concrete, illustrating a seamless blend between a watch and a structure.

At the heart of the Horological Machine Nº11 Architect lies a central flying tourbillon, reminiscent of a house’s core, reaching upwards under a double-domed sapphire roof. The design of its upper bridge, shaped like a quatrefoil, echoes the windows of grand temples or the cellular division of a zygote. Extending from this central core are four symmetrical volumes, forming the house’s four parabolic rooms.

The structure of HM11 Architect is dynamic; it rotates on its base, allowing each room to be faced directly or at an angle. This rotation also serves a practical purpose, powering the watch. A 45° turn clicks into place, transferring energy directly to the watch’s barrel, achieving a full 96 hours of power after 10 rotations.

Each of the four rooms has a unique function and design. The time room displays hours and minutes through rod-mounted orbs and red-tipped arrows. The next room, 90° left, shows the power reserve through a similar design, with orbs increasing in size to indicate the remaining power. A thermometer, an unusual feature for a watch, is found in the third room, utilizing a bimetallic strip for temperature readings. The final room, a seemingly empty space, houses the time-setting crown, integral to the functionality of the watch.

Externally, the Horological Machine Nº11 Architect features polished grade-5 titanium walls, while the central atrium is illuminated under a sapphire crystal roof. The in-house HM11 engine operates beneath, with plates and bridges available in ozone blue or 5N gold, limited to 25 pieces each in the two launch editions.

The MB&F Horological Machine N°11 Architect is priced at SGD 314,000, including tax.