A. Lange & Söhne Unveils the ZEITWERK MINUTE REPEATER HONEYGOLD: A Symphony in Timekeeping

A. Lange & Söhne has once again redefined the realm of sophisticated timekeeping with the launch of the ZEITWERK MINUTE REPEATER HONEYGOLD. This masterpiece, following the platinum ZEITWERK MINUTE REPEATER in 2015, offers a novel approach to the classic minute repeater complication.

Innovation Meets Tradition

The ZEITWERK MINUTE REPEATER HONEYGOLD is a marvel of horological engineering, chiming ten-minute intervals instead of the traditional quarter-hours. This aligns perfectly with its mechanical digital time display. The watch strikes a low-pitched tone for each elapsed hour, a double tone for each ten minutes, and a high-pitched tone for each elapsed minute.

Acoustic Excellence

The uniqueness of this timepiece lies in its sound quality, attributed to the honey-gold alloy of the case, which serves as a resonant body. Anthony de Haas, Director of Product Development, emphasizes the individuality of each minute repeater’s sound, heavily influenced by the case material. Tino Bobe, Director of Manufacture, highlights the meticulous tuning of the gongs and the careful adjustment of all components to achieve this distinctive sound quality.

Design and Functionality

The ZEITWERK MINUTE REPEATER HONEYGOLD is not only an auditory experience but also a visual spectacle. The polished gongs and black-polished gong hammers are seamlessly integrated into the dial, visible during the repetition sequence. The watch features a unique button mechanism for triggering the repeater, eliminating the need for a slide common in minute repeaters. It incorporates elaborate safety and blocking mechanisms to ensure flawless operation, including a feature that prevents activation when the power reserve is below twelve hours.

Powered by the manufacture calibre L043.5, the watch boasts a constant-force escapement, ensuring precise and consistent force across the entire power reserve. This mechanism is critical for the instantaneous advance of the numerals discs and contributes to the watch’s rate stability.

Aesthetic Appeal

Joining its predecessors, the platinum and white gold versions, the ZEITWERK MINUTE REPEATER HONEYGOLD strikes an elegant pose with its 44.2-millimetre case and dark-brown, hand-stitched leather strap.

Limited to 30 pieces in 18-carat honey gold, this exquisite timepiece is exclusively available in select A. Lange & Söhne boutiques.