Diablo Immortal Update “Splintered Souls” Set for December 14 Release

Familiars: New Allies in Sanctuary

“Splintered Souls” introduces Familiars, loyal allies that offer additional bonuses and utilities. Eight Familiars will be launched with the update, five of which have been detailed in a recent blog post. These Familiars promise to enhance the gameplay experience and provide players with unique advantages.

The Southern Dreadlands: A New Zone to Explore

The Southern Dreadlands, a zone pivotal to the game’s narrative, is a post-apocalyptic plane shaped by Tyrael’s destruction of the corrupted Worldstone. Players will venture through significant locations within this zone, including the Gray Wards’ growing encampment, the interior of Staalbreak, and the depths of ravines formed by Mount Arreat’s destruction.

Sentinel’s Stand: A New Event

The update introduces Sentinel’s Stand, a tower defense-styled zone event set in the wilds of the Dreadlands. This event adds a new layer of strategy and defence mechanics, providing a fresh challenge for players.

“Splintered Souls” expands the Helliquary with five new bosses, encountered across three new Inferno Difficulties: IV, V, and VI. To access Inferno Difficulty IV, players must have defeated Saarodan, Sky-Sunderer on Inferno Difficulty III and reached at least Paragon Level 1100. These new difficulties and bosses are designed to test the skills and resilience of players, offering a more challenging and rewarding experience.

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