Enter the Abattoir of Zir: Diablo IV’s Ultimate Challenge Awaits

As the virtual world of Sanctuary grows ever more perilous, Diablo IV brings its players a new, thrilling challenge with the launch of the “Abattoir of Zir.” Now live, this daunting trial is designed to test even the most seasoned adventurers with escalating levels of difficulty. In addition to this exciting development, the recent Patch 1.2.3 introduces several gameplay enhancements, including a highly anticipated feature in the Enchantment menu.

Abattoir of Zir: The Ultimate Test of Might
To gain entry into the treacherous Abattoir of Zir, players must first prove their mettle by completing all chapters of the Season Journey. This achievement unlocks a recipe to craft the Bloodforged Sigil, the key to accessing the Visceral Channel and, subsequently, the Abattoir itself.

Within the Abattoir, players are pitted against a ruthless timer of 10 minutes to vanquish all enemies, culminating in a fierce showdown with the formidable Bloodseekers. Success in each tier of the challenge grants a recipe to craft the Bloodforged Sigil for the next, more demanding tier. Triumph in the first tier awards the Unique Glyph: Tears of Blood, a crucial element for dominating foes in the Abattoir, requiring more experience to upgrade than a standard Paragon Glyph.

The latest patch, 1.2.3, brings a significant update to the Enchantment menu. Players can now view a full list of possible affixes using the new ‘View Possible Affixes’ button, enhancing strategy and planning. Additionally, the patch increases the Glyph experience earned from most Nightmare Tiers.

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