URWERK’s UR-100V Time & Culture II: A Mesopotamian Odyssey in Horology

URWERK unveiled its latest masterpiece, the UR-100V Time & Culture II, affectionately dubbed ‘Sumer’. This timepiece is not just a watch; it’s a journey back to the cradle of civilization, to the ancient city of Ur, which inspired both the brand’s name and its latest creation.

Mesopotamian Inspiration: A Nod to the Sumerians
The Sumerians of Ur, from 3000 BC, were pioneers in timekeeping, defining the first unit of time.

Their influence is evident in the UR-100V Time & Culture II, which pays homage to the origins of time measurement, focusing on the number 60 – fundamental to the seconds and minutes we use today.

Artistic Representation of Sumerian Deities and Mythology
The watch’s striking blue colour is a nod to lapis lazuli, a stone associated with Innana, the Sumerian goddess of Love, War, and Fertility. This colour embodies the immaterial dimension of the stone, representing the infinite.

The periphery of the UR-100V ‘Sumer’ showcases space-related shapes, reflecting the Sumerians’ advanced astronomical knowledge. These designs include authentic sky charts and planispheres, indicating the civilization’s deep connection with the night sky and its luminaries.

The motifs on the watch are reproduced with exceptional care, featuring fine, subtle laser-engraved lines. The intricate design is best appreciated under magnification, with satin-brushed ridges and micro-sandblasted hollows creating a velvety finish that honours this rich heritage.

Innovative Time and Space Measurement
The UR-100V Time and Culture II innovatively displays time alongside data on the Earth’s rotation. After 60 minutes, the minute’s hand transforms into a kilometre counter, indicating the distance each inhabitant of Ur travels every 20 minutes due to Earth’s rotation – 477.29 kilometres.

This silent journey contrasts with the scale of the Earth’s revolution around the sun, represented by 35,742 kilometres per 20 minutes. Hours and kilometres share equal importance on this timepiece, a unique feature in the world of horology.

Availability and Pricing
The URWERK UR-100V Time & Culture II, a timepiece that blends ancient history with modern horology, retails for SGD 113,000 with tax.